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Placement Helpers Disclaimer

Placement Helpers provides information and referrals for those seeking options for senior living and/or care, including retirement communities, senior apartments, assisted living facilities, residential board and care homes, memory care facilities, and home care services. We will assess your specific care needs, budget, geographical preferences, and other concerns and considerations and provide you a list of the state-licensed facilities and/or agencies that best meet your needs and desires.

Placement Helpers does not endorse, operate, or hold ownership to any facility and/or agency that we refer to clients and their family members/responsible parties (with the exception of our own home care agency, Placement Helpers). We encourage you to conduct your own research and investigation of referred facilities and/or agencies, such as tours, interviewing administrators, staff, and residents of said facilities and/or agencies, and making contact with state licensing departments and the Ombudsman to inquire about any complaints or reported deficiencies associated with said facilities and/or agencies. It is entirely the responsibility of the interested party to make a decision about which facility and/or agency to select.

Placement Helpers is not a party to, nor do we prepare, review, or negotiate any contract or agreement that is entered by a client and/or their family members/responsible parties and a facility and/or agency. Our services are provided to you free of charge. Placement Helpers receives a fee from a facility and/or agency when you enter into an agreement with them. Facilities and/or agencies are legally prohibited from charging higher fees to referred individuals, and no percentage of our fee may be apportioned to you.

Placement Helpers does not solicit, receive, or accept gifts or referral incentives from participating facilities and/or agencies.

Placement Helpers may provide you with referrals and/or recommendations for additional professional service providers, such as elder law attorneys, Veterans advocates, financial advisors, realtors, and/or accountants, in order to assist you with developing a thorough care plan. We do not solicit, receive, or accept fees, gifts, or referral incentives from referred professional service providers.

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