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Independent Living

What Is Independent Living?

Independent Living (IL) refers to a community of senior adults 55+ living in a residence who are physically independent or need minimal care.

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Residents enjoy the freedom to live in their apartment but have services like prepared meals in a dining hall and housekeeping along with the option to socialize with other retirees in scheduled activities. Residences often provide transportation to doctors, access to fitness classes or gyms, and regularly scheduled social or cultural activities that help foster an engaged, healthy lifestyle.

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The best candidates are those who want to transition into group living with the freedom to live independently and have few to no medical needs. While many residences don’t have medical staff on-site, there is always the option to hire an at-home caregiver or choose a specific residency licensed to staff their nurses.

What is it like to live in an Independent Living Community?

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There is a wide range of IL communities that offer different services, amenities, and sizes of housing. From large townhouses to single-room apartments, a community can range from 50 to 100 residents with utilities and technology like cable TV and Wi-Fi included. 

Since many rooms come unfurnished, residents can decorate with their belongings to make it feel like home. Some rooms are large enough to include kitchenettes to accommodate mini-fridges and microwaves in addition to residents having access to a communal dining hall. Depending on the facility, other amenities range from fitness gyms, tennis courts, and swimming pools to spas, barbers, and beauty salons.

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In fostering a sense of community and emotional well-being, many residences offer cultural and/or educational classes and lectures, social activities like movie nights and crafts projects, exercise classes and/or yoga, as well as day trips for sight-seeing or visiting museums. A majority offer shuttle service to local shopping areas and restaurants. Rather than living alone, a sense of belonging to a family of friends is often preferable for many adults.

Do you need help finding the right fit for you or your loved one?

Given the array of different options, our team of expert advisers can help you explore what would suit you or your loved one’s needs, as well as answer your questions and concerns before you settle on the best fit. 

From choosing a residency that includes basic room and board to those with hotel-like amenities like swimming pools and salons, evaluating these choices and financial costs can feel overwhelming. Our team provides you with all that important information—including taking you to visit different communities for free—before you decide. Our consultations are provided at no cost to you! 

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